Bloodworks is a medical laboratory that specializes in Immunological, Neurological, Blood Chemistry, Hematological and Clinical Microscopy tests.


It is our mission to provide our customers affordable, complete, in-depth and convenient blood analysis using state-of-the-art methods and facilities in an efficient and pleasant environment.

Bloodworks Marilyn Alentajan

Marilyn C. Alentajan, MD
General Manager

Bloodworks Mian Alentajan

Mia Angela C. Alentajan
Marketing Director

Bloodworks Joanna Aleta

Joanna G. Aleta
Finance Director


 Mary Antonette T. Menciano, RMT, BMS
Senior Lab Manager

Bloodworks Joli Aleta

Joselito R. Aleta
IT Director

Bloodworks Tara Alentajan

Tara Ann Marie A. Alentajan
HR Manager